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Orthodox Christian Singles

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Application For Membership

Apply for your membership today!  Memberships must be filled out completely, with appropriate dues and mailed to:
The Orthodox Christian Singles
Attn: Memberships
P.O. Box 741
Blanco, TX  78606-0741
Dues are only $295 (Two Hundred Ninety Five Dollars) U.S. for a Charter Membership.  A Charter Membership will offer you a lifetime membership (if necessary) and will not require any renewal at any time.  Due to the complexity of the work necessary in managing the OCS system and infrastructural costs, it is no longer fiscally feasible to operate under the old rates.  Therefore we are offering an initially higher cost, but over the "long run" hope you will find it more economical since you will not have any renewal costs.

Click here to print out Membership Application

What does the Orthodox Christian Singles Web system offer you?

CLUB MEMBERSHIP-- A pool of Orthodox Christians with good character, like moral standards, and values.

SAFETY & CONFIDENTIALITY-- All members are asked to fill out the membership application and supply 3 proofs of identification accompanied by a letter of reference from the priest of their parish as a safety precaution. The Orthodox Christian Singles web site administrator will have personal contact with each member by email or phone. NO THIRD PARTY SOURCES WILL HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR FILE.

YOU ARE IN CONTROL-- You do the screening - you make the choice!

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