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Bio Tips

Tips for writing a successful bio.  These are just a few suggestions to help you write a successful biography for yourself. By following a few simple suggestions, your odds of recieving a favorable reply to your introduction will be dramatically enhanced.

Describe yourself first.  Be careful to avoid creating a bio that is simply a mile-long list of characteristics you seek in another person, without saying much about yourself.

It is better to let the other person reading your bio decide if they might be a match for you.  This does not mean that you should say nothing about what you seek in a prospective candidate: just don't overdo it.

Age isn't everything, but...  This is where a lot of people start.  Let's face it... and let's be realistic.  Be sure to include your age in the bio; if you do not want to give your exact age, narrow the range: "early twenties" or "mid forties" for example.

If you are fifty but feel like a twenty-two year old, why not say so?  If you are looking for someone outside your age range, give a range for the person you seek as well.  Keep in mind that some people will be suspicious of a range that seems too wide -- such as "twenty to sixty", and this may limit responses.  Likewise, a range too narrow (one to two years) also seems odd.  Even those who fall in the narrow range might be hesitant to respond.  Stating your age, and avoiding ranges altogether, is generally the best approach.

Show don't tell. For example, it is much more effective to use humor in your ad rather than just saying "I have a sense of humor". Show them that you are an educated and intelligent person through interesting choice of words, clear writing structure, and colorful and creative descriptions.

Remember: creativity counts.  A personal bio can take many forms.  A poem, perhaps.  An amazing bio may consist entirely of titles -- one right after another -- of popular motion pictures, books or operas, carefully chosen and arranged to describe yourself.

Details, details, details!  How many times have you read a personal ad that states:  "I enjoy movies, music, and going out."?  This sentence describes millions of people!  The idea is to make yourself stand out from the rest of the crowed!  Instead, name a recent movie that you enjoyed.  List some of your favorite music styles, song titles, or artists.  If you enjoy going out to Italian restaurants, or waltzing after the opera, say so!  Ironically, it is the very details that are often overlooked as being insignificant or boring which in fact add the color and depth necessary for a personal bio to be truly effective.

Show them what YOU would want to know.  Make a list of the things and qualities that are most important to you that you would like to know about a person before responding to someone. Chances are, others would like to know the same about you. If you work, in what field?  Have you ever been married before? Do you have children?  Do you want children?  Do you smoke?  Do you have a preference in the other person? Keep in mind that common goals are often more important in a relationship than individual interests.

Honesty is the best policy.  Above all, be honest when describing yourself.  No matter who you are, or what kind of person you are seeking, you have a better chance of finding that person -- and with less disappointment along the way -- if you are honest from the beginning.

A word about extreme age differences:
Will men and women accept someone older or younger than them?  Will some women accept an older man?  Will some men accept an older women?  That depends on a lot of factors that should be discussed with each other, and most especially with your priest or confessor.
In some cultures, foreign women will not only accept an older man but they prefer an older man because they appreciate the stability and maturity that comes with age. In other cultures it may have a totally different view.  This requires a little "homework" on the part of the two parties corresponding with one another.
Some seem most comfortable with an age difference of 10 to 15 years, while others may easily appreciate an age difference of 30 years or more. While an older person may not want children and a younger candidate does, there may not be a compatibility with those two people.  And if an older person is up to the job of parenting (perhaps "again") the younger partner may not want children, or may not want to start "right away."
There are a lot of factors that just take a little "common sense" on the part of each person corresponding with a prospective candidate.  It pays off when time is taken to learn as much about the other person's wants and personality traits.  This is where YOU are in control and you can do your homework.

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