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Orthodox Christian Singles

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About Us

The Orthodox Christian Singles has evolved from a newsgroup that began in 1996 on the Listbot system.  Since then, Listbot has gone out of business, and the newsgroup then transferred to Egroups, which was eventually bought by the Yahoo Groups service.
Since January 9, 1999, the Orthodox Singles newsgroup has served as a place for us to connect with other Orthodox Singles on a personal level and will remain an important part of our venues for sharing our faith and ideas.
However, as our group has evolved over the years, and grown to an international level, our needs have also evolved to include more than just a "place to meet" and share.
Hence, now we have come to a place in our history where we need a specialized forum for meeting other Orthodox Christians who are seeking a spouse who shares their faith, and on a forum that is not secularly oriented, nor mixed with non-Orthodox members.

Our Staff

Your moderator and webmaster:

Andreas O'Dell

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My name is Andreas O'Dell and I am the webmaster of the Orthodox Christian Singles website, and the moderator of the Orthodox Singles newsgroup on Yahoo! Groups.  I love the "great outdoors" and most especially love the Texas Hill Country.
My own hobbies and interests, other than programming and technical "stuff," ranges from stamp collecting, to riding horses and roping.
For some of my other interests, you may visit my personal Photo Album at and see more about me.

Our Programs

Programs and services offered on this site:
  • Online forum and membership for Orthodox Singles who are seeking a spouse in the Orthodox Christian faith.
  • Online chat rooms for group interaction in conversations.
  • Event planning and conferences where Orthodox Singles can meet one another.
  • An online newsletter subscription service, with an option for USPS version ("snail mail")
  • Members photos and biographies
  • Links to sites of interest

Other programs and services will be added when needed and as time permits.

Administrative address:

The Orthodox Christian Singles
Attn: Webmaster/Moderator
P.O. Box 741
Blanco, TX  78606-0741

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