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Success Stories

On this page you will find photos of recent members who have had a successful story to tell about the Orthodox Singles list and how they have met and gotten to know each other, and have culminated in marriage.
To our first couple, I (the moderator and webmaster) would like to send a hearty congratulations to Nick Xylas and Joanna Tsiftis (soon to be Mrs. Xylas).


Joanna Tsiftis and Nick Xylas (soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Xylas!)

Out of all the pictures on this page, and as beautiful as the proposal scene is, and the rings are, the most impressive picture is the first one here of the smile that is on the faces of these, our friends, Nick and Joanna.  May God grant them many happy years and manifold blessings!


Nick's proposal to Joanna culminated after a long journey from England to America after they met on the Orthodox Singles Newsgroup.


A happy embrace signifies acceptance on the part of Joanna for Nick's proposal!  Hooray!


These two hands and these two rings are just two of the reasons why we are here.  We all share your happiness!

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