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Orthodox Christian Singles

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Recent and Upcoming Events

On this page you will find information concerning some of the recent events we've had, and coming events that will be of interest to members.  We are always open to ideas and suggestions for interesting and fun activities and would like to find sponsors who would support us in our endeavors.

Recent Events

Weekend of September 15, 2002 - Orthodox Singles Conference
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The parish at St. Nicolas Orthodox Church in Asheville, N.C. hosted the recent inaugural conference of the Orthodox Singles.  Approximately 40 people attended the conference from around the country and the world, and everybody had a wonderful time.
As I gather more information about the conference, I will place it here on this page.

Upcoming Events

Tentative dates and location(s) for the 2003 Singles Conference have been temporarily postponed.

We will update this page often with more information as we receive it, and new photos.

To sign up or volunteer for an event, see our "Contact Us" page.

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